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Uncle Jim

Chef Jim Yong hails from George Town situated in the state of Penang, Malaysia. To pursue his interest in food and his love of cooking, Jim moved to Kuala Lumpur to gain wider exposure in the culinary world. He spent time working with experienced chefs and learning new skills from “SIFU”(Master) in the art of cooking. In addition, to explore the essence of Nyonya cooking, Jim worked with the Nyonya communities in Penang, Melaka, acquiring authentic Nyonya cooking techniques. He also learn traditional local cuisine in Terengganu and Kelantan. In a bid to expand his horizons and increase his understanding towards each country’s cuisine, he frequently visits China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more for on-site learning and observation. After years of constant learning, he has become adept at all kinds of traditional dishes, snacks, cakes and dim sum – a true blue all-rounder in the kitchen. Accumulating 30 years of cooking experience, Chef Jim is a well-known master chef locally. He has never stopped pursing his passion for good food. He constantly motivates himself to innovate and elevate his cooking, hoping to remain at the forefront of the cooking industry. His passion in cooking has enabled him to excel in the culinary industry as well as received the recognition of people from the local food industry. 


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